Sagip Kapamilya

Pasig government donates school buildings for Ondoy victims relocated in Calauan

September 6, 2013


Almost four years after the devastation brought by Typhoon Ondoy in 2009, the Pasig government still looks after their constituents who were displaced by the merciless typhoon. It is only fitting that the government support its people. If the people, however, were relocated to another place, does the government still have a responsibility to them? This is a question that the city government need not answer. The Pasig government only knew that their people need them and they committed to support them in whatever way they could.

The support for thousands of former Pasig residents, who were relocated to BayaniJuan in Calauan, Laguna after typhoon Ondoy, came in the form of two three-storey school buildings worth 38M pesos.

Recognizing that the existing school building in Calauan, will not be able to accommodate the sudden increase in population in BayaniJuan, additional school buildings were constructed.

During her speech, Pasig Mayor Maribel Eusebio shared her deep concern to the education of the former Pasig residents. “Giving our children a good education is a responsibility that the Pasig government takes seriously. Perhaps it is easier to look for a school for your children if you were residing in the city. We know that it is not the case in relocation sites. This is why the local government of Pasig made sure to assist our residents that were transferred here….that is the reason you have these school buildings now. The government of Pasig has a good relationship with the Department of Education (DepEd), we hope that you will give the same brand of service to the students here in Calauan. We know that the local government of Calauan also has a big role to play, because this community is under their care now. Be assured that if there will be an opportunity for us to help, we will do the best we could… all for the welfare of our former residents.”

The Sto. Tomas Elementary School-Annex became fully operational in 2012. About 1,100 students are enrolled for the school year 2013-2014.

“We will not stop supporting them just because they moved to another place. We care about them and we want to make sure that they have a decent life,” says Pasig Mayor Eusebio.