Sagip Kapamilya

Turning Dream Into Reality

Teacher Maricar Bautista
July 3, 2017

According to DepEd, the following are the projected benefits of the Senior High School (SHS) Program:

1. Academic Track in Grades 11 and 12 to prepare SHS graduates for college

2. Technical-Vocational Livelihood (TVL) to equip them with skills that will eventually lead to their employment in varied techvoc courses

3. Immediate employment to TVL graduates after graduation due to varied National Certifications that they may hold

4. SHS graduates under the Sports and Arts and Design tracks to provide them with foundational knowledge and to lead them to future careers in sports as coach/trainer or in varied arts and design 

Dulag National High School in Barangay Serrano, Dulag, Leyte implemented the Grade 11 Senior High School Program in School Year 2016-2017. There were 891 students who attended the following: one Academic Track - HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) and twoTech-Voc Track – Food and Beverages and EIM (Electrical Installation and Maintenance). The students have selected and were assigned to these tracks and strands even before they got the results of the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) or any counseling was done. To somehow help students affirm what they have chosen, career coaching for students and workshops and trainings for teachers were implemented by Operation Sagip and Programa Genio.

During the early stage of implementation, issues and concerns of the HUMSS Track were minimal in comparison with those who went into the two strands of the Tech-Voc Track. Books and other reference materials were needed by those teaching students who intend to go to college or to the university. Although not enough, modules were provided. Although equipment and other materials for the two strands committed by DepEd to be delivered failed to arrive, the teachers found a way and illustrated kitchen utensils for students to recognize them in case they see the actual ones. Electrical connections were also drawn or just read from available references for students to sort of understand the lesson.

Equipment Used by the Food and Beverage Strand Before

Teachers were exasperated and students who dream of getting work to support themselves and eventually help their families were losing hope. How can they pass the TESDA Assessment when they seem to know only a little of theories and nothing in terms of practical applications? Programa Genio became aware of these concerns during a training of senior high school teachers conducted. It relayed the issue to Operation Sagip which readily approved the procurement of necessary equipment and materials for the Tech-VocTrack.

Now, students see their dreams turning into reality. Teachers have high hopes that their students will pass the assessment given by TESDA. After Grade 12, work will be easy to come by.