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BNJ's Solar Powered Water Pumping System

Althea Cahayag
March 9, 2015

No need for hand water pumps. 300 residents in BayaNiJuan sa Southville 7’s Site II called Humanityville, can now have access to water without the use of hand water pumps (poso) as Sunelec Photovoltaic Solutions Incorporated, in partnership with Solewind Builders, and Lorentz, donated and installed a solar powered water pumping system in the community.

Nanay Susana Tucop who is a former dweller along the Estero de Paco and soon relocated in BayaNiJuan, used to manually pump the poso everyday to fetch water for their needs – taking a bath, washing the dishes, and do the laundry. It was difficult, she said.

“Malakaing bagay po kasi unang-una, hindi na kami magbo-bomba. Talagang napakahirap sa braso yung pag-iigib ng tubig.” (The pumping system is a big help for us and our arms will not be painful anymore.)

Aside from the convenience it brings, the water pumping system donated and installed by Sunelec Photovoltaic Solutions Incorporated, Solewind Builders and Lorentz, is open for the public. There are no charges or cost that the community has to shoulder because it utilizes solar energy with the use of solar panels.

Mark Tomas, the President of Sunelec shares, “We believe na isa siyang practical solution, pangmatagalan, and sustainable din dahil hindi na kailangang magbayad ng community which is a problem that some communities have dahil nandyan nga yung pump, sino namang magbabayad ng gastusin buwan-buwan?” (Most of the time, the problem in the communities is there is a water pump, but no one is going to pay for the expenses. Here, we believe this is a practical solution and sustainable because the community has nothing to pay.)

Approximately, the tank can pump out water measuring 6,000 liters per day and will benefit 300 residents.