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Darating Kami, Kapamilya

Carissa Joyce Reyno
November 24, 2019

“Naranasan ko yung lumusong sa tubig, nakaharap ko mismo yung mga nasunugan, nabaha, punong puno sila ng uling, maputik ang kanilang paa. Makikita mo sa mga mukha nila, 'pag abot mo ng ganung relief goods, didikit yung kamay mo sa kamay nila, mararamdaman mo na sa atin sila kumukuha ng lakas.”

This story of Aida Romuga, an eight-year regular volunteer of Sagip Kapamilya, is just one of the inspirations of the 15th anniversary song of Sagip Kapamilya, "Darating Kayo".

2019 marks the 15th anniversary of Sagip Kapamilya, the emergency humanitarian program of ABS-CBN Foundation. Just this year, the program has served victims of19 typhoons, 10 major earthquakes, and thousands of fire incidents. Houses were destroyed, communities were damaged, livelihoods were eradicated, lives were lost, families were broken, and dreams were shattered. But Filipinos are still able to see a ray of hope during these situations. The spirit of “bayanihan” emerges in these circumstances.

Living up to its mantra, “In the service of the Filipino”, ABS-CBN Foundation-Sagip Kapamilya has been lending their hands to Filipinos in need of assistance during calamities. However, all these will not be possible without the assistance of volunteers who commit their time and energy to give not just relief goods but also inspiration and hope to those who are struggling caused by the tragedies and losses they have gone through.

“If I remembered correctly, it was an old man who has approached our workers and said; 'Alam namin na darating kayo, alam namin na darating ang Sagip Kapamilya.' For me, it is an expression of deep trust and confidence. That if ever there is a calamity, our Kapamilyas are assured that we will always be there on the ground para damayan sila,” shared Jen Chan, writer and composer of the song “Darating Kayo”.

The song aims to give hope to Filipinos. It conveys a message that there will always be light after darkness. It aims to tell people that we are stronger than any disaster as long as we help each other.

As the song goes,

“Dahil ang pagmamahal ay iyong alay,

at malasakit sa kapwa’y iyong binibigay.

Hawak lang, kapit lang, ‘di bibitaw sayo.

Alam kong darating kayo.”

No matter how far you are and how daunting the task may be, rest assured that Sagip Kapamilya will be there to help you.

Watch Bamboo sing “Darating Kayo” on G Diaries Season 4 Share the Love, November 24, 2019, at 10:15am, only on ABS-CBN.