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On its fourth year, Pinoy Tsuper Hero is in search for driver – leaders

Ana Junio
October 31, 2018

After three years of making a difference and successfully shifting the reputation of drivers from being offenders to defenders of the roads, Pinoy Tsuper Hero (PTH) Year 4 takes the notch higher by finding a true leader.


Beyond the search for driver that exudes goodness, excellence, honesty and environmental stewardship, Pinoy Tsuper Hero Year 4 is in its mission to find a driver who belongs in a transport organization with promising projects aimed to better the lives of many. Drivers with strong leadership skills and a representative of a transport organization have advantage to join and win.


As the recipient of the recent 16th Philippine Quill Award of Excellence, PinoyTsuper Hero has reached a total of 56,385 drivers from 45 activations in 21 sites nationwide for the past three years. From only 10 sites in Year 1, locations were doubled so that more drivers can join and access PhilHealth and SSS offered by the campaign.

A project born out of collaboration of Phoenix Petroleum, ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya, ABS-CBN Regional and Bayan Academy, PTH Year 4 has now a more streamlined process in choosing its fourth winner. The three phases are rightfully called: Appreciation, Recognition and Inclusion. On the first phase (Appreciation), nomination and initial screening unfolds in ten chosen Phoenix gas stations sites nationwide. During the second phase (Recognition), Top 30 drivers will be chosen to receive Php15,000 each. They will also be exclusive members of Phoenix Tsuper Club’s T.R.I.P or Tsuper Hero Advantage, Rewards, Insurance and Privileges Program.


Another new offering of PTH Year 4 is the Pinoy Tsuper Hero Academy – a five-day training to capacitate the driver – leaders, defenders of the roads and partners in protecting the pedestrian, communities and environment. The Academy is a more elaborate approach compared to the first three years of PTH as it is intended to hone and empower the driver – leaders’ project development skills to properly utilize the funds they might receive should they win the contest.


On Phase 3 (Inclusion), Top 10 National finalists will be chosen. Each will receive Php30,000, Php15,000 worth of fuel and lubes products and Php250,000 worth of Family Accident Insurance for one (1) year. Also, during this final phase, the fourth Pinoy Tsuper Hero will be declared. He/She will receive Php100,000 cash prize, Php50,000 worth of fuel and lubes products, Php1 Million worth of family accident insurance for one year and a brand new vehicle that can be used for livelihood.


Another great addition to the fourth Pinoy Tsuper Hero is that their represented transport organization will receive Php100,000 to implement their pitched project.


The fourth Pinoy Tsuper Hero will also be the official Phoenix Petroleum Ambassador for the whole year, joining the roster of past winners Alberto Abad from Rizal, Edwin Escamos from Iloilo and, Rey Samonte from Batangas.