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Street Art invades Office

Eva Mae Nares
April 5, 2019

He transforms stuff from bare to fancy, from plain walls into colorful murals. For him, skills are God-given talent. AG Saño, a street artist for nine years now, believes that such earthly talent must be shared.

AG, along with his fellow volunteer street artists transformed the bare walls of  ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya office into more vibrant halls.

Iyong  murals na makikita dito sa staircase nitong building dito sa ABS-CBN  Lingkod Kapamilya  ay regalo namin sa mga nag-tatrabaho dito. Iyong mga nag-offer ng oras nila para sa mga kababayan natin, sa kalikasan, sa kabataan. Isang form po ito nang pag-papakita namin ng appreciation namin sa kanila.” (We dedicate these murals to ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya employees who serve the Filipino people, children, and environment. This is our way of appreciation to the people working in the Foundation.)

Inspired by ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya’s advocacies, murals were conceptualized. Saño gathered his group of volunteer artists to sketch and color the bare staircase. The group spent more than a month to complete the murals. Some employees also volunteered to color the walls.

According to Saño, this mural is about sea creatures that depict the beauty of nature. On the upper portion of the staircase, there is a tortoise and a huge dolphin who wears a vest, a sort of armor made of bullets to protect his body.  Due to ocean pollution and environmental destructions, it is innate to the ocean creatures to protect themselves from all of the destruction.

The concept of “Lipad” and “Malaya” (Fly and Free) painted on the children’s shirt and cap is to showcase the beauty of freedom, the spirit of freedom that children should enjoy.       


This is not AG’s first time to share his skills and talent with the Foundation. The alluring painting at the former Give Shop store, (the charity outlet of the Foundation) was painted by his team, few years back.

Upon completion of the murals, ABS-CBN Foundation personally laud AG Saño and his team through a quick ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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You can share your time and talent, too. Visit www.abs-cbnfoundation .com today!