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ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya with Safety and Events Risk Management build resilience in Antipolo

Pichai N. Theamtusana
October 25, 2017

An adage says, “Readiness and preparation are our best tools against disaster and devastation”. This timeless wisdom states that in order to survive times of hardships, individuals – and communities – must learn to build resilience, by training their bodies, sharpening their skills, and expanding their knowledge. ABS-CBN’s Safety & Events Risk Management helped to build that resilience on Friday by deploying a highly capable team of subject matter experts to advise and assist Antipolo National High School’s new School Disaster Rescue Response & Management (SDRRM) team.

Antipolo National High School, located in Barangay Sta. Cruz, Antipolo City, is literally built into the side of a mountain. Steep stairways are the only access between the classrooms at different levels. The whole area is prone to landslides and occasional floods, particularly in the heavy rain experienced during the rainy season. The entire facility sprawls over 2.18 hectares, and contains around 14,000 students every school day. It would be a tough challenge for even a fully-staffed and well-equipped rescue team. Instead, the school relies on an ad-hoc and hastily put together team made up of about 100 volunteers from the School faculty and student body who have little to no disaster response training or experience, and have little in the way of uniforms or equipment. But what they lacked `in training or gear, Antipolo’s  

SDRRM more than made up for with pure tenacity, an enthusiasm to train and learn, and heart. The SERM team enthusiastically stepped in to the training role.

Comprised of safety officers George Borja, Gilbert Eugenio, Katherine Valmeo and Byron Bertumen, along with Lloyd Ocampo and Timothy John Percy, and headed by Engineer Jairus Abrasaldo, the SERM team arrived at the school early on Friday morning, loaded for bear with rescue and first aid equipment, ready for a full day of intense training.

A trek up the stairway took them to the venue, a covered court where the trainees were seated and ready.

After the opening formalities, the participants were divided into teams. They would cycle through the following stations: CPR / AED, Patient lifts, carries and spineboard transfer, Bandaging/Splinting, and Emergency Evacuation Procedures.

Following the training was a short awards ceremony, in which deserving students and faculty were recognized for their initiative and participation in the training. Tokens of appreciation were given to the ABS-CBN trainers, and in return, complete sets of rescue gear and equipment were donated to the school.

In the words of Miss Marah Banares, the school’s SDRRM coordinator:

“The Disaster Preparedness Workshop conducted by ABS-CBN to Antipolo NHS was really interactive and comprehensive. It engaged all the participants to be fully active. Thus, awareness on preparedness and the value of helping one another in times of disaster were heightened. Indeed, this is the greatest workshop or training our school has ever had regarding DRRM.
It is with great honor to participate and be part of the workshop from the planning to the execution. Working with ABSCBN has helped me and the rest of the coordinators to be fully aware of what to do when these unwanted times come. Our community will surely can count on us... and it is thru your help, Kapamilya! Looking forward to have new trainings with your team. More power, ABS-CBN SERM and Integrated Public Service Departments.”