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Lingkod Kapamilya empowers self-sustainability in Looc, Batangas

Pichai Theamtusana
August 29, 2017

Three high-speed sewing machines were turned over to the Looc-Balete Development Association (LBDA), in a turn over ceremony attended by LBDA members, representatives from Lingkod Kapamilya, and members of partner organization Lions Club International. 

The sewing machines, (contributions made possible through partnerships with Q.C. Dynamic Lions Club, Q.C. Haribon Lions Club, and Valenzuela Gov. Gil Mostoles) are slated for Samahang Patahian, an income generating all-women’s organization under the Looc Balete Development Association.

The turnover is part of Linkod Kapamilya’s Building Sustainable and Caring Communities (BSCC) program which implements several efforts to strengthen capacity for self-sufficiency and resiliency in various communities throughout the country .