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Chef Jessie’s best pasta dish in the world

Ana Junio
February 27, 2017

She wanted to be a nun, but fate led her to be the First Filipina Pastry Chef.

Known for her deep commitment to provide exemplary culinary experience to her customers, she has emerged as one of the country’s foremost chefs specializing in French, American and Asian cuisine. But with all of her accolades and successes, Chef Jessie stays faithful to her primary objective to provide employment to deserving people through her restaurants. This way, she can reach out to the families and communities who need more support.

“I make sure that we share whatever we can to our marginalized brethren as we make it a point to support orphanages, feeding programs, and other mission houses most especially those needing help the most.  I have a very soft spot in my heart for children as they are always the innocent, helpless victims.”

Her advocacy led her to be one of the ardent supporters of Bantay Bata 163, sharing her time and talent to be in the service of the Filipino children. When asked what dish she would prepare for Bantay Bata’s 20th year, she exclaimed:

“I will be creating the best pasta dish in the world for Bantay Bata to have a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong life!!!”