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Preserving Humanity through Parenting

Teacher Maricar
January 11, 2015

Parenting….. a celebration of the most important role of preserving humanity biologically, spritually and emotionally. But how do we you do this in an environment that is so full of limitations? How can one be an effective parent when you have not been taught to be one? This is why Programa Genio have the parenting seminar. Community development is a triangulation of the family, government and the NGO’s. The role of the family is best seen on how the parents carry out their role.

For the 369 parents from the school of Dulag National High School in Leyte, Osmeña, Basiao and Pagsulhogon Elementary Schools in Samar. It was the first parenting seminar that they have ever attended. Life for them as parents is about providing the basic necessities in life. It was a heart warming welcome given to our facilitator, Prof. Antoniette “Tonet” Rosel and the Programa Genio team.

Professor Tonet has a Ph. D in Guidance and Counselling from the University of the Philippines and an M.A. in Social Personality from the University of Hawaii. A mothe of four (4) children and has ten (10) grandchildren. The topic was on “Responsible Parenting”.

From the beginning of her seminar, the parents were already very excited and were very interested in listening. She discussed the Seven (7) Secrets of Successful Parents. They are:

Faith – faith in themselves as parents and faith in their children. Believing in what they are
Attention – making time to observe them, understanding them and disciplining them. However, discipline means teaching them appropriate behavior.

Listening – not only to what they say but also to what they do not express but can be observed in their behavior.

Letting go – “Your children are not your children. They come through you but not from you…” Kahlil Gibran. As our children grow, we help them reach their aspirations to become better adults.

Modelling – what the children see in their parent’s relationship and the handling of their family, they imbibe their parent’s behavior and attitude. Therefore, parents become the role model of how they will be also as parents someday.

Expression – modelling effective behavior includes how the family members shares happiness, sadness, disappointments and more importantly how they encourage each other verbally and non-verbally.

Celebration – the family bonds together if they celebrate the simplest triumph like the baby taking their first step or “kuya” getting better grades.

It was a day of self examination for these parents who starts and ends their day working to put food on the table for the fathers and caring their children for the mothers. You cannot help but be moved with what they have openly shared with us. They all share one dream and that is for their children to finish their studies in the hope for a better life.