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July 9, 2013

Tina Zamora is DZMM’s education guru

From tips on how to prepare a child for his first day of school, to how to spot signs of bullying, teacher Kristina Zamora has been asked a variety of questions from the listeners and Facebook followers of the new radio program Kapamilya Konek.

Hosted by Family Life and Marriage advocate Maricel Laxa Pangilinan every Sunday , 5-6PM over DZMM 630khz, the show features a segment called “Itanong Kay Teacher Tina” which discusses issues related to education . Tina gives her advice, opinion and tips for parents, students and teachers who enjoy her witty take on issues and concerns presented in the segment. Among the most liked topics discussed in the program are bullying, education for children with special needs, distance learning , technical and vocational education and the K-12 program of the government which was discussed with the help of the Department of Education.

Tina, aside from being a teacher is the Directress of a progressive school for Pre-school and elementary students called Nest School for Whole Development. She is an expert in early childhood education and the progressive stream of education.

For questions for Teacher Tina, you may post them on Kapamilya Konek DZMM on Facebook ( or send them to