Bantay Kalikasan

Cheers to the new Earth Warriors

Carissa Joyce Reyno
September 19, 2019

ABS-CBN Foundation- Bantay Kalikasan found new environment stewards through the presence of our fellow Kapamilya from SSC Revenue Accounting Team. Almost 80 SSC staff showed their enthusiasm on the activities prepared to challenge their inner warrior spirit.

Mara Fara Sarmiento, Head Officer of SSC Revenue Accounting Team, stated that the Earth Warrior training at the La Mesa Ecopark aims to build a stronger camaraderie among the SSC team and at the same time, to raise their awareness on various environmental matters that need to be given our full attention to.

As part of their training, the SSC staff also conducted a tree planting activity at the La Mesa Nature Reserve where they planted 436 seedlings of Malapapaya, an endemic tree to the Philippines that is commercially used for making fancy woodwork, matchsticks, popsicle sticks, and similar objects.

Trees play an important role on increasing the quality of life by, conserving water, preserving soil, improving air quality, and supporting wildlife, making this tree planting activity an extremely helpful step to secure us a better future.

The SSC staff showed their genuine appreciation for the activities that they have done and shared the valuable lessons that they have learned from this experience.

“Nang nakita ko yung plant na tumayo na-realize ko, its fulfilling on my part kasi it is a form of giving back to the nature for all the benefits na binibigay sa atin like food, water and all the rest na pwedeng mapakinabangan ng mga tao,” said Jayvee Navarro of Revenue Accounting- AMS Trade Team.

This training became a platform for employees to get to know each other and to build friendship especially from those who came from different departments, At the same they got to appreciate the beauty of nature.

All the participants together with their respective teams worked hand in hand in conquering all the fun challenges. In the end, they achieved their goal of becoming an Earth Warrior. They pledged on protecting all natural resources and took an oath on becoming an environment steward.

Jen Deomano-Santos, Program Director of Bantay Kalikasan acknowledged all the SSC staff who participated in the activities, “Being an earth warrior and going through an earth warrior training is one of the ways that they can actually be part of this mission. We are very grateful that slowly and surely more and more people now believe that the advocacy of the environment is something that we should all be imbibing now.”