Bantay Kalikasan

Bantay Kalikasan and Enviro Scope Synergy to Help Philippine Agriculture Through Organic Farming

Mary Margrethe Pastor
April 23, 2019

Enviro Scope Synergy Incorporated (ESSI), Philippines’ first Biotech Company, recently signed a memorandum of agreement with ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc. - Bantay Kalikasan (BK) in advocating organic farming in the Philippines. The partnership aims to help the following farms and people’s organizations which are community-assisted sites of BK: MABISA Organic Producers Association in Lobo, Batangas, Victoria Organic Farmers Association in Victoria, Oriental Mindoro, and LUMPAKK Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Glan, Sarangani.

The partnership was made to improve Philippine Agriculture through technological innovation such as Biotechnology and to provide organic inputs and technological assistance to the community-assisted sites of BK. Under the partnership, ESSI will help farmers towards organic food sustainability and educate them about alternative organic ways of farming. The collaboration also envisions a healthier environment where there is food security for Filipino families.

According to Rheal Dayrit, Deputy Program Director of Bantay Kalikasan, “This project is about giving hope to the Filipino farmers by helping them make their livelihood easier and efficient to support their families.” Dayrit also shared that he had the opportunity to meet the farmers from the said communities and he saw how their families struggle to harvest their crops with limited materials and the on-going climate change. 

Making a Difference for Filipino Farmers: Prashant Dragani (second from left), the CEO of Enviro Scope Synergy Incorporated and Reymond Magdato (first from left), the National Sales Manager of Enviro Scope Synergy Incorporated, declare official partnership with Bantay Kalikasan by signing a Memorandum Agreement with ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc. ALKFI heads present in the signing were (middle to right) Susan Afan, Managing Director of ALKFI; Lita Lara, Chief Finance and Services Officer of ALKFI; and Jen Deomano Santos, Program Director of ALKFI-Bantay Kalikasan | Photo by Tiara Imperial

Prashant Dargani, Chief Executive Officer of ESSI, chose this partnership with Bantay Kalikasan to raise awareness about biotechnology as a way to save the environment. He believes that, “Going back to the process where everything is made naturally is safer, since it avoids harmful chemicals found in food such as carcinogen from entering the body system.”

He guarantees that the action for this project will be carried out precisely. “Farmers will be receiving the organic inputs on time and our team will be guiding them to achieve the right results,” he explained.

Reymond Magdato, National Sales Manager of ESSI also shared that, “the project will give the beneficiaries organic farm inputs from fertilizers to natural pesticides and wide information on alternative agriculture.”

ESSI also plans to replicate their services in different farming areas across the country, expanding their advocacy nationwide in the near future.