Bantay Kalikasan

Johnson & Johnson Employees plant Germinants at La Mesa Watershed

Eva Mae Nares
September 7, 2018

Johnson & Johnson, in  partnership with ABS-CBN LingkodKapamilya’sBantayKalikasan, planted seven hundred (700) germinants at the La Mesa Watershed last August 8, 2018.

Supervisor and Forester of La Mesa Watershed, SusitRabo, demonstrated the proper ways to plant the germinants so they can become strong sturdy trees.

According to Rabo, a seedling has two parts – the apical and the root system. Between these two is the root collar. The first step is to take out the plastic of the seedling. The tree will not grow to its full potential if the plastic is not taken out of the seedling as it stops the hair roots to grow. Once the plastic is taken out, the seedling will be placed on a designated hole. The hole must be completely filled with soil  up to the root collar of the seedling. Air spaces must be eliminated by stepping on the soil. Lastly, plastic must be placed on the pegs so the foresters will know that plastic was removed from the seedling.

Kalumpit, one of Philippine native forest tree species,was planted in the nursery area of the watershed.

After the germination activity, Forester Mar Ramirez discussed the endemic species including its scientific name and relevance in the ecosystem during the quick tour inside the forest

 “I am very happy that we have this initiative by our company in partnership with LingkodKapamilya.  This germination activity promotes awareness to my fellow employees and we can make a difference to help save our environment.” said Claudette Gasendo, one of the participants in germination activity.

Seventh from left is Claudette together with her colleagues during a germination activity.

 “This is my first time and I didn’t know that we have this place here at the center of the Metro.  I encourage  other companies, families, and group of friends to spend their time here by giving something back to nature”. Francis Cuenca added, also a J & J employee.

First from right is Francis, potting soil on the Nursery area.

Johnson & Johnson is Bantay Kalikasan’s partner for three years now. As part of J & J’s environmental advocacy, employees were able to  planttrees in La Mesa Watershed through  Employee Engagement Activities (EEA) of BantayKalikasan.

For groups and companies who would like to plant trees, kindly contact La Mesa Watershed at 938-2540 or visit their official Facebook page.

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