Bantay Kalikasan

Bantay Kalikasan’s First Eco Travel Fair

Eva Mae Nares
August 16, 2018

Different environmental organizations and individuals teamed up with Bantay Kalikasan on its first ever 6-day Eco Travel Fair recently held at Araneta Gateway Mall.

Edna Daylin, 64, one of the participants, said that she appreciates Bantay Kalikasan’s efforts on environmental awareness. “Kapag nag-grocery ako o namamalengke, nagdadala ako ng eco bag [Every time I go to grocery or market, I bring eco bag.]”, she gladly shared when asked about her contribution in saving the environment.

Ryan Anthony Bestre, Youth Campaigner from Greenpeace, likewise  shared  his environmental advocacies. He reiterated that Filipinos should break free from plastic given that the Philippines is the third largest contributor to ocean plastic.  

Second from left is Edna Daylin, one of the participants during Eco Travel Fair.

Ryan Anthony Bestre, Youth Campaigner from Greenpeace shares his environmental advocacy during the event.

For sustainable living and environmental awareness, BK also introduced Bantay Kalikasan sites through its partner travel agencies like Tripkada and Pirkko & Troy Tours, Inc. The program convinced the travellers to not just enjoy the idea of travelling but also to immerse themselves to the community and locals as well.

Bantay Kalikasan Program Director Jen Santos would like to thank the following who supported the Eco Travel Fair of the program:

Araneta Gateway Mall, Greenpeace, Mermaid Missions, Rise Against Hunger PH, Giveshop, G Stuff, ABS-CBN Store, Pirkko & Troy Tours, Inc. Tripkada, Lino Rom, Phoenix Pertoleum and Green Living, and  Faber Cabrera.

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