Bantay Kalikasan

FPIP and Bantay Kalikasan to recycle Hazardous Wastes

Kim Apple Lonzaga
July 10, 2018

An employee from Genetron counts the ULABs to be turned over to BantayKalikasan.

BantayKalikasan receiveda total of 541 piecesof used lead-acid batteries (ULABs) and eight drums of used oilfrom different locators under First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP).

FPIP is a member of the Eco-Index Network that promotes eco-industrial approaches among industrial estates and other industries in Laguna-Batangas-Cavite areas. Every month, BantayKalikasan collects these toxic wastes from the FPIP.

The collection of these hazardous wastes is under the BantayBaterya and BantayLangis projects of BantayKalikasan. These projects aim to properly dispose ULABs and used oils and recycle them into new ones, together with its partner-treaters Oriental Motolite& Marketing Corporation for ULABs and Genetron International Marketing for used oil.

These batteries are those from automotive vehicles, aircrafts, UPS, forklifts, generator sets, and marine vessels. On the other hand, cooking oil, lube oil, PCB-Free transformer oil, bunker oil, hydraulic oil, and engine/motor oil are the types of oil accepted by BantayKalikasan.

These wastes classified as toxic wastes and their disposal is strictly regulated by law.

According to Christine Gozon-Sarmiento, Environment, Safety and Health Officer of FPIP, the collection of these wastes helps minimize environmental risks. “Batteries if not disposed properly contain heavy metals and acid which may leach into the ground and cause detrimental environment and health effects, same with oil if not properly managed. It is important to dispose and treat these hazardous wastes properly to eliminate or minimize these risks and preserve the environment. One way of doing this is adopting a cradle-to-cradle perspective and ensuring they are being recycled or treated by DENR-accredited facilities. Consolidated collection of these hazardous wastes in FPIP is also more cost-effective and has less carbon footprint.”

The monetary value of the hazardous wastes will be donated and will be used in the operations of BantayKalikasan and its different environmental advocacies on its assisted sites around the country.

Locators of FPIP who donated ULABS and/or used oil are Canon Business Machines (Philippines), Inc., B/E Aerospace B.V. (Phil. Branch), Choei Plastic World Philippines, Inc., J&J Philippines Corporation, Honda Logistics Philippines Inc., Ibiden Philippines, Inc., Artnature Manufacturing Philippines Inc., Shi Manufacturing & Services (Phil.) Inc., and FPIP Utilities. First Balfour, one of their contractors, also donated used oil to BantayKalikasan during the collection.