Bantay Kalikasan

Corporate Citizens Bond with Mother Nature

Hyle Loneza
October 23, 2018

It was a wintry, cloudy morning, with a hint of drizzle, when forty (40) employees of United Pulp and Paper Co. Inc. in Packaging Business, SCG (UUPC) and partners namely, Multipack Container Corporation, Sunpack Container Corporation, Valenzuela Packaging Corporation, and Goodyear Container Corporation braved the slippery mud and crossed several puddles to plant a total of 400 tree seedlings of Maakasim and Malaruhat at the La Mesa Watershed.

La Mesa Watershed is the only forest left amid polluted Metro Manila. It serves as the main source of clean drinking water of 12 million Metro Manila residents. For 20 years, BantayKalikasan, the environment arm of ABS-CBN LingkodKapamilya, has been dedicated in preserving the forest. One of its campaigns is the Employee Engagement Activities (EEA), encouraging corporate citizens to be champions of the environment by partaking in different activities such as tree planting.

Severino Gutierrez, Agriculturist and Forester of La Mesa Watershed, shared the importance of the tree-planting activity, "Napaka-importanteng patuloynapagtatanim ng puno. Ito ay para mapangalagaanangating dam at makatulongdoonsaatingpag-eemit ng mga carbon dioxide naibinubuga ng mgapabrika atng mgasasakyannatin.” he commented.

Aside from being the main source of potable water, La Mesa Watershed also absorbs carbon emissions from vehicles and factories.

UUPC is the country's leading manufacturer of recycled industrial grade paper used in making corrugated boxes. UPPC is environment – friendly because it uses 100% recycled raw materials. They continue to live up to their vision of giving back to the environment.

This was the first tree planting activity of UPPC and definitely not the last.

DanaidejKetsuwan, UPPC President and CEO & President of United Pulp and Paper Company, shared his experience, “I’m very proud to be part of this activity today. I want everyone involved to understand the importance of what we do and try to expand the group of people who are really advocate or interested in conserving the environment not just here but everywhere in the country, in the world. Yes, this is our first tree – planting for this year but we will definitely continue this.” he enthused.

DanaidejKetsuwan, UPPC President and CEO & President of United Pulp and Paper Company with other UPPC employees before the tree planting event.


Just like Ketsuwan, ABS-CBN LingkodKapamilya wishes for more people to be involved and understand the importance of taking care of the environment and transform individuals into becoming an earth warrrior.