Bantay Kalikasan

A Light of Hope

Chariz Danielle Saño
April 16, 2018

As it proudly stands, boasting its captivating structured design, the 18thcentury lighthouse in Carles, Iloilo is the community’s reminder of resilience, five years after typhoon Yolanda struck the area. 

With the aim to alleviate poverty, ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya’s Bantay Kalikasan, in partnership with the municipality of Carles and Philippine Coast Guard of Western Visayas, saw the opportunity to develop the area. The lighthouse in Barangay Granada North Gigantes was rehabilitated. It was repaired in a way that the look of the roofing, rooms, flooring, and the exterior of the entire building was kept to preserve its history. Now, it houses a coffee shop that is managed by the locals as a form of livelihood.

The success of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc.’s MOA signing signifies more partnership opportunities with Philippine Coast Guard.

The project, however, has challenges. Bantay Kalikasan recognizes the need to boost the area’s tourism. Together with its partners, it hopes to develop sustainable income-generating projects for the community. It also proposes programs that will secure the livelihood of the people living within the area as the time passes. Future projects, such as an ecolodge, zipline, and butterfly cave, are underway to completely develop the area. Bantay Kalikasan also plans on building a perimeter fence around the area to secure the safety of incoming tourists. In return, Bantay Kalikasan encourages the community to give back to nature through tree-planting activities in the area. 

“We’re looking forward nayungBantay KalikasanABS-CBN Foundation maka-partnerpa sa ibangprogram,” said CDR Vincent Bingbong Fiesta PCG, Deputy Chief of Coast Guard Staff for Maritime Safety Services CG-8. (We’re looking forward to partner again with Bantay Kalikasan ABS-CBN Foundation in another program.)

When ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc. first entered the municipality of Carles, it was a devasting sight with an affected community composed of mostly fishermen left with almost nothing, after typhoon Yolanda. ALKFI initially provided them with relief goods and gave them classrooms and school supplies through ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya’s Operation Sagip.