Bantay Bata 163

Sanctuarium’s Gift of Education

Eva Mae Nares
January 23, 2017

“The children are the future of our nation.” Perhaps, this cliche has been passed on from generation to generation. The Everliving Company Inc. or popularly known as Sanctuarium is a firm believer of this one powerful phrase. 

In photo: Erika Zamora at the center, accepts the generosity of Sanctuarium. 

For nine years now, Sanctuarium remains to be the catalyst of children’s dream by supporting the Bantay Edukasyon project of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya’s Bantay Bata 163.

Erika Zamora, now at grade 11, is just one of the scholars since grade 7. She humbly said that she can never thank enough  her  sponsors  for  their  kindness  and  generosity. Further,  she  vowed to finish  her studies, make her parents  and  sponsors'  proud  and  pay  it  forward.    

Likewise, Sanctuarium  fundraise  to  support the scholarship  project  of  Bantay  Bata 163  by lighting their Christmas tree.   Each bulb on the tree symbolizes the bright future of children  which has  a corresponding  donation as  their  gift for children’s education.  Sanctuarium turned over  Two Hundred  Sixty Five Thousand Three hundred eighty pesos  (P265,380.00) to  support  Bantay Bata 163’s Bantay Edukasyon project.