Bantay Bata 163

Kaya Ko: I Believe in Me” Interaction

Lori Palanca
September 20, 2015

Last October 17, Kai Feliciano, a high school student from St. Pedro Poveda College, organized and conducted an interactive activity with 11 medical clients of Bantay Bata, 10 of which have Congenital Heart Diseases while 1 suffers an imperforate anus. The surgeries and treatments of these kids were made possible through the help of kind-hearted and generous supporters and sponsors of Bantay Bata.

The theme of the interaction was “Kaya Ko: I Believe in Me.” The aim of the interaction was to build self-affirmation and confidence among the children. Theresia del Rosario, Trisha Balan, Sophia Chua, and Xeina Canlas of St. Pedro Poveda College also helped facilitate the interaction.

Some of the activities included “Ang Pangarap Ko…,” which helped the kids imagine their plans for the future through drawing and writing, and “Ako ay si Superhero…,” where kids drew themselves as superheroes and wrote their special powers.

There was also a nutrition seminar for the parents of the patients, given by Mrs. Maria Olivia Gonzalez. Mrs. Gonzalez talked about different affordable ways the parents could provide their family a nutritious diet by using fresh local produce which they can grow in their own backyard.

At the end of the day, the children went home with smiles of joy and hope in their faces. 

We look forward to similar interactions in the future!