Bantay Bata 163

Singapore Airlines’ 12th Christmas With Bantay Bata Scholars

December 6, 2014

12 years of giving the gift of education to children is what the Singapore Airlines have done for the Bantay Edukasyon Scholars of Bantay Bata 163. In those12 years, over 1,300 children from impoverished families were able to go to school and study in elementary because of the support given to them.


And as the Yuletide approaches, true enough, the season is a good way for the scholars to give thanks to their sponsors.


Annually, Bantay Bata holds a Christmas Party for their scholars and donors. This year, the gathering has a theme of "Celebration of Blessings" and the scholars, together with their parents, expressed their gratitude to Singapore Airlines for their unwavering support since 2003.


Singapore Airlines Country Manager Carol Ong says, “Bantay Bata has the power not to say no. The fact that the program itself is very vigorous and having helped so many children in the society who truly deserves an opportunity in life, what we want to tell the scholars is to really spread your wings, fly away; the sky is the limit. And when they grow up, we hope that they will return whatever they have to Bantay Bata and help to grow the next generation of scholars.”


One of the parents, a single mother, Nanay “Olive”, can only be grateful for all the support being provided to them and the gathering became more than a get together that they were able to feel the true spirit of Christmas. “Nagkaroon po kami ng bonding ng aming mga anak kahit ako po ay nagiging isang ama at ina sa aming tahanan, masaya po kami dahil malaking tulong po sa amin ang Bantay Bata at Singapore Airlines. Natulungan din po ang anak kong scholar ng Bantay Bata ang mga kapatid niya, kuya niya, ate niya, dahil naisheshare niya yung allowance na binibigay sa amin.”


“Even though I am a single mom, being the mother and the father at the same time to my children, I feel very happy because of the help of Bantay Bata and Singapore Airlines. Since my son is one of their scholars, he was able to share his allowance to his other siblings. We are very thankful for everything they have done for us.”


It was indeed a fruitful 12 years for Bantay Bata scholars and Singapore Airlines. 12 years of joy, 12 years of knowledge, 12 years and still counting of giving a new ray of hope to the children and families through education.

A group photo of Singapore Airlines employees headed by Carol Ong, Singapore Airlines Country Manager with the Bantay Edukasyon Scholars under their sponsorship